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While our name has changed what we do hasn’t. Our new name will bring together all the ways in which we help charities, making it easier for charities to find and access all the different services they need, from donated software to digital advice to recruitment.

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Charity Digital Mail gives charitable organisations access to the dotdigital email marketing platform at cut-rate prices.

The upshot is integrated automation, segmentation and reporting that doesn’t break the bank.

Drag-and-drop email builder

You don’t need to be an expert to create gorgeous, mobile-optimised emails with our EasyEditor campaign builder.

We can even set you up with a bespoke template that fits your brand so that all you have to do is drop in your content.

This is ideal for when you’re stretched for time but still need your emails to impress.

Personalise everything

You can use an unlimited number of data fields to personalise your emails on the dotdigital marketing platform, allowing you to connect with subscribers like never before.

Whether it’s the text in your email, your subject lines, or even the images you show to different people, you can personalise, split-test and continually improve everything you send.

Segmentation for successful campaigns

While other platforms only let you segment based on contact data fields, the dotdigital platform lets you build segments based on behaviour too.

This will help you use smart automation by tailoring subscribers’ journeys based on how they act, not just who you think they are.

It’s also great following on from GDPR; you can easily ensure you email the right people in the right way and automatically stop requesting an opt-in as soon as one is given.

Powerful automation as standard

One of the features that sets dotdigital apart is how easy it is to build targeted, automated email workflows in a matter of minutes.

Not only can you integrate your automation with various channels, you can tailor workflows based on timings and subscribers’ actions – all using a drag-and-drop interface that has been built with ease in mind.

Comprehensive reporting

Not every email marketing platform gives the detailed reports you need in a format that’s quick to interpret and take actions from.

That’s where the dotdigital platform can help. In just a couple of clicks, you can compare like-for-like campaigns, overall metrics and in-depth stats to help you understand exactly how your efforts are being reported.

Smart forms

It’s important to give your subscribers as much choice as possible to avoid spamming the wrong people with information they don’t want but to develop relationships with the right people instead.

Thankfully, the dotdigital platform makes this easy by allowing you to set up mobile-responsive forms and email preference centers that sync directly to contacts’ records – giving you peace of mind and time to focus on your good cause.

Expert service for charities

We know what it’s like to work for a charity and are here to help, with expert advice and service that will help you get the most out of the platform.

We’re an accredited dotdigital partner and have over 13 years worth of experience setting up successful marketing campaigns for charities.

Want to make sure Charity Digital Mail is right for your charity? Have a look for free:

“I’ve found their service fantastic: quick to respond, thorough, patient, positive, supportive and attentive to detail.”

– Poppy Gerrard-Abbot, Gingerbread

Easy plugins for anything you might need

Landing pages

Build branded microsites in minutes without any need to code

Personalised web pages for anyone clicking through from email


No need to export/import

Results sync straight into data fields in Charity Digital Mail

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about the platform, our support team will be happy to help.